Sustainable tourism

The first ecological garden lodge in Morocco

Dar al Hossoun is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible: our “garden lodge” is managed in an eco-responsible and sustainable manner.

Among the very first labeled “ Green Key “, since May 2012, for our efforts and investments in favor of the environment and sustainable tourism.

On a daily basis, we produce domestic hot water as well as part of our electricity with solar panels, we use ancestral products and know-how for the maintenance of the architecture, we watch over our water consumption and of energy, the water from the showers and sinks is recycled into irrigation water, the light points are equipped with low-consumption bulbs or LEDs and use as little industrial and chemical products as possible.

At the table, local and seasonal products, harvested at maturity and from organic or sustainable agriculture, are in the spotlight …

We even make our compost with green waste from our gardens and kitchens to enrich the soils of our ornamental gardens and organic vegetable patch.


Map of the property

A- Restaurant / Cocktails
B- Restaurant / Rooftop
D- Parking area
E- Al Hossoun Grand Salon Sitting room 
F- Pergola
G- Al Borj Sitting room
H- Sunken garden
I- Orchard


1. Jacaranda
2. Casimiroa
3. Agave
4. Aloe
5. Euphorbe
6. Oliviers
7. Citronniers
8. Eucalyptus
9. Orchard
10. Balinese
11. Oued Souss (rdc)
12. Atlas (1st floor)
13. Siroua
14. Banner trees
15. Roses
16. Papyrus
17. Toubkal 
18. Melia